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At the eve of the new millennium, Fabrizio Falchetto starts his career as a self-taught artist who is particularly fond of modern and contemporary arts. He takes this step after a long and deep intimate reflection upon his inner world, thus trying to give it objective life. He draws inspiration from his acquaintances with some artists from Liguria and Oltrepo’ Pavese, his attendance to exhibitions and art events, his scientific and philosophical readings, his life experiences. He has never studied art techniques, on the contrary he has always avoided doing that in order not to be influenced by and not to follow other artists’ paths and styles. He is not a painter, neither a sculptor, nor a poet, yet showing aspects in common with all these art forms in his works. He is just a searcher of a new and personal artistic language through the use of what he considers the most ductile material of all: thought. His works which he describes as “reflections” are actually a materialization of a meditated and careful thought upon today’s world, life and art in the limited space of a surface which is created by assembling and framing different materials and which is characterized by the constant presence of the little paper man. An alter ego of his author, it embodies his sense of precariousness, his feeling of detachment, of being external and a stranger to the contemporary world’s conformism and spiritual as well as material crisis. In the contemporary world of art where provocation, banality and vulgarity too often tend to be predominant, Falchetto’s works and his little paper man add a touch of poetry which is an uncommon gift.